In 90% of the time I approach my writing with little to no negativity reflected towards artists. It’s just a waste of time to hammer down others, generally speaking. However, when I first bumped into Young And In The Way, my immediate reaction was as follows:

What the fuck is going on here?!

I thought to myself that Youtube just recommended some weird-ass mediocre shit associated with sub-genres that I hardly ever care about. I mean, Young And In The Way – sounded nothing like a serious project to me. However, when I hit that play button, lo and behold, a massive burst of hell-fucking-charged energy emanated leading to a gradual descent into a maniacal headbanging.

The band’s sophomore full-length “When Life Comes To Death” was such an overwhelming surprise that first and foremost reminded me that I acted like a superficial smuck. And secondly, that you never know when you will find breathtaking piece of art that will steal your heart away. You can’t be prepared AT ALL! Anyway…

Despite that Young And In The Way unleashed this record back in 2014, I felt that it holds a great value, thus I should help preserve its memory in time. After all, these guys seized to perform in 2018, so that’s basically their final material to have been released.

Young And In The Way - When Life Comes To Death live / support black metal
Photo by Teddie Taylor

Before asking you kindly to ignore my rambling and enjoy this masterpiece, let me tell you something. “When Life Comes To Death” came to me like a fresh breath and made my day thanks to its superb characteristics. Starting from a very prominent yet balanced polish in the production department. All the way to the mind-blowing compositions that reek with creativity and astounding performance. Such, in fact, that are capable of losing the tracks of time.

Fusing the aesthetics of feral black metal with d-beat and a hint of rock’n roll here and there so flawlessly, demands mastery beyond 99999 level. There is not a single moment throughout the 46 minutes of playtime that I ever noticed or felt weirded out due to inappropriate stylistic choices.

With this release, Young And In The Way made a big statement that shall echo for eternity in the annals of time. Surrender yourself to the madness!

Note: “When Life Comes To Death” was released by Deathwish Inc. It appears that it is not available in physical format. However, you can grab yourself a digital copy on Bandcamp.

PS: There is a darker story about why these guys disbanded, however I decided to left it out. All I’m gonna say is that I’m interested in the music, not the individuals!