Before you draw the wrong conclusion, let me clear that away; this is not a review. I’ve grown so distant from that form of scribbling that I feel like it’s a complete waste of time to walk that path once more.

This is an act of admiration, in fact. I’ve been fortunate enough to bump into one of those albums that not only enlighten my day but also keep reminding me why I live and burn for this sub-genre. Big words, huh? Well, Wrang’s debut is much more and in my humble opinion it deserves some praise.

You see, “Domstad Swart Metael” is a very harsh, ruthless piece of extremity filled with so much passion that will dominate you from the 1st minute. It goes full on honouring the blackest shades of this genre and throughout its rather short span of 35 minutes, it packs densely extremely skilled instrumentalship and vocals.

Some people might find the dynamic vocal approach a little over the top but for me, well, I’m all for profoundly expressed emotions through variable cries, tortured screams and insane shrieking. And this album manifests exactly the right amount of insanity and bleakness through a balanced relationship between the vocals and instrumental work.

Arrangements-wise, I wouldn’t have guessed that Wrang have just put out their very first full-length. They composed and performed “Domstad Swart Metael” in a very mature fashion. Obviously, they are well versed in capturing and writing the hell outta their material, so that it gets a good grip on the listener.

I was blown away by the infectious aura that radiates from each song, strapping me down on my seat motionless while thinking to myself:

That’s what I am talking about… This is fucking black metal!

Wrang - Domstad swart metael / support black metal

Domstad Swart Metael” is not a game changer and it doesn’t even pretend to be such. However, it has a unique vibe to it that I cannot explain but makes me so ecstatic as if just discovered the grand scheme of all things. Anyways, if you consider yourself a connoisseur of the black arts, give this one a shot down there.