It’s been so quiet in here that one could think I silently departed into the wild, wild misery. Rest assured though, I am here and working hard in order to make this page even better than before. Plenty of things piled up while I was “gone”, including a number of new albums coming, CD reviews, premieres and so on. 

Before getting started with upcoming stuff, I am super excited to announce two big milestones that I achieved in my so-called “underground promotion career.” Firstly, Support Black Metal has become an official Google+ Create member and the only verified black metal page on the network. You can see the check mark by the page’s name.

The second milestone that I am just about to mark “achieved” is the 3rd SBM sampler. This one is my biggest projects involving respected underground labels whose music is simply put mind-blowing. You will see for yourself very, very soon.

Mortualia is back

Now, the fun part. I am starting to kind of take a liking to Facebook (again) because it can actually help you. For example, I would have probably missed on the super exciting announcement of the upcoming Mortualia album titled “Wild, Wild Misery” if it had not been Facebook to get me posted. Once again, thanks to Gionata Potenti (Deathrow, Darvaza, Blut aus Nord) who shared the exclusive track “Withdrawn.”

“Wild, Wild Misery” is coming out on 25 November through Moribund Records. By the way, if you didn’t have a clue, it’s been 6 years since the latest Mortualia album was released. My advise – prepare yourself and give a listen to the masterpiece below.

War black metal Hellwaffe unleashing the second coming of terror

If you have a strong affinity for mass destruction then you are likely to embrace the US-based trio Hellwaffe. This violent act of vicious terror makes no compromises. I have been introduced to their upcoming record “Peace Offering” consisting of 8 hymns of total annihilation in tunes. The album is scheduled for immediate release on 11 October by Hell Is Here Production. Wanna taste it? There you go.

Pre-order “Peace Offering

Odes to No Hereafter

Last but not the least is actually a today’s discovery confirming the incredibly high value of Swedish black metal. I stumbled upon the one-man act Cwealm while scouting the vast landscapes of Soundcloud. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and mesmerized by the enormous potential this band shows off. 

Cwealm is a newborn act of misanthropy whose debut “Odes to No Hereafter” is going to put an end to the living on 1 October. I highly recommend it to fans of fast, brutal yet melodic bm. Now, allow me to set off into the nothingness and let the music speak for itself.

Pre-order “Odes to No Hereafter

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