What could be the best album to listen to in a gloomy day; something furious or maybe chilling with subtle melancholic touch? Essentially, that’s up to you but I might have a suggestion that could make easier picking what to feed your soul on.

Apocalyptic Art provides another interesting band that is worth getting to know. Hailing from Germany, Winterhauch appeared for the first time with an EP back in 2011, whose title is “Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung”. It translates “In The End Hope Dies”.  This record involves six tracks that are equal to 24 minutes of chilling atmopheric/depressive black metal. The type of music that you sit back, put on pause your daily worries/things to do and start welcoming the Winterhauch’s haunting vibe into your mind.

The message that Winterhauch convey through their debut EP is widespread, especially when discussing depressive black metal bands. No joy in life, only coldness, greyness and solace (which is found in death). Despite the sorrowful themes that this band deals with, I can tell that this is of the most relaxing mini-albums that I have heard in a long while. The mix of atmospheric and depressive sub-styles works quite well. In a nutshell, “Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung” is not something we haven’t seen/heard before yet it’s worth a listen. The CD is available through Apocalyptic Art’s website (link below).

WinterhauchAm Ende stirbt die Hoffnung
Apocalyptic Art, release: 30.10.2011
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1. Einklang
2. Gedanken… Beginn der Wanderung
3. Trauer
4. Leere
5. Verzweiflung
6. Am Ende stirbt die Hoffnung

Total running time: 24:54