Welcome back to the second edition of From the depths where this time we head for the hellenic underground scene. It was a little tough to pick just three bands out of a whole bunch of others that kick major ass, meaning that we’re gonna get back to Greece again for sure! However, I know your time is precious, so lets get straight into the core!

: For those of you who are wondering what the fuck From the depths
 is all about, please go through the first edition and it will all come together.

Winter Eternal

I spotted Winter Eternal a long while ago as they crossed my way while browsing on youtube. One of the first tracks that I heard was “Celebrating The End”- it almost instantly turn into a favorite one and I’d like you to start out with it, too. It has to be noted that Winter Eternal is a one-man project run by Soulreaper. Below you can find a yoube channel where you have access to other songs from their self titled debut album.
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Human Serpent

Profound hatred and digust with mankind – This is Human Serpent.  Born in human ashes in 2013, having put out a demo and a split, the coven announced their first full-length “The Gradual Immersion in Nihilism.” Have a sneak peek and also bear in mind that pre-orders are already available on Human Serpent’s bandcamp.
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human serpent


Although I reviewed Dizziness‘ “Offermort Heritage” some time ago, I invite you to taste another  bit of it. While listening to “Mortuus Spes”, take a look at the review  and get further details about this flawless record.
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