“Simplistic, raw, northern-inspired in the vein of the 90s black metal that will remind of the good old times.” Pretty common description used especially by those who withessed the birth of an entire generation and missed that period.  Fortunately there are out there many bands who keep up the legacy of the ‘fathers’ just the way they left it, so you can rest assured – there is a lot of new oldschool delight for you . One them is Windstorm – a hellenic act that has existed since 2006 having a demo, an EP (Eternal Gods Forgotten) and a split with Heresiarch Seminary and Occulus up to date. Behind the strings and vocals is Blackcrowned along with Minion of the Antichrist on the drums and percussions.

 Music-wise it is straightforward with catchy and memorable guitar lines. The vocal part slightly remembers of the style of singing of Abbath ( Immortal). Blackcrowned‘s voice creates a sense of perceiving him as if he was an icecold demon who bears the heart of winter; so fearsome and imposing that brings shivers down your spine.  Putting all into perspective, Windstorm pulled it off! This EP is a premise for an excellent upcoming full-length in the spirit of Scandinavian underground scene. Yet time will tell eventually.

Eternal Gods Forgotten is a tribute to the original state of (a.k.a. true) black metal. A glance into the past and back to the present. Recommended for connoisseurs of oldschool bm production. Special regards to Apocalyptic Art for providing physical material that made this review possible.

WindstormEternal Gods Forgotten
Werewolf Promotion (tape edition), Apocalyptic Art (CD edition, current), release: 20.11.2011
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1. We are the Blasting Storms
2. God of the Wind
3. Hunger for Vengeance
4. Eternal Gods Forgotten
5. Token

Total running time: 28:14