With a title like this, you might think to yourself that I am about to do a public suicide, huh? Well, whatever the case, what’s most important is that I am trying to tell you that I am on your side and I wanna hand you over the best advice that you could possibly have – fuck heavy metal reviews!

Once pretentious, track by track, excessively descriptive reviews served some good due to the lack of what’s known as internet today. Basically, it was your window to take a sneak peak to a possibly good album that you might not wanna miss. Considering that most of us were counting our coins in the pocket, that source of critical information was vital. Who wanted to waste money back then..? It’s not like today – all hail consumerism! I digress…

Today, however, the world is just so different and with the internet, I might as well add borderless; at least to a higher degree, alright? You’ve got right into your palm such a power device, not to mention your home configurations that can serve you limitless amounts of multimedia, data, information and what not. The gates are open and if you choose, you can wander around as much as you want harvesting the riches coming from all across the globe.

Music, of course, is no different as to accessibility. Just look around and see what happens… Record labels themselves put up their productions online a few days after the official release date in their fucking entirety for free streaming! No longer is the “threat” of being lured into a bullshit record while saying “goodbye” to your buck. It has NEVER been so safer to explore new territories in music.

Which brings me to the climax of this “bla-bla” post. Now is the best time ever to unleash the explorer within yourself and browse through the vast soundscapes to find what you are looking for. Nowadays, each label uses actively platforms like Bandcamp as well as Youtube to promote their shit on their own. What better than let the music speak for itself, right?

After all, what is the value that you get out of your average review out there? Subjectivity in a nutshell. Music as a form of art has a multitude of layers that can be interpreted astonishingly different from one point of view to another. Like I explained before why I stopped reviews, now it is all about seeking on your own. Develop your taste by trying on and off. See what piece of music works for you and what not.

You don’t need anybody else to shape your view in music at all! I’ve seen so many times some scribblers wasting their time to hammer down albums completely unjustly. They just keep forgetting one fundamentally important fact, and that perfection is an illusion; an abysmal desire of the ego to constantly sophisticate things.

What I’m getting at is just enjoy the fucking music and don’t waste your goddamned moments for yourself in indulging with those so-called “critical reviews”. Instead, why not enjoy yourself for fuck sake? If one piece is not your cup of tea, then look up something new. It is not that hard, is it? There is nothing more exciting than looking up stuff on your own, at your own pace. Moreover, you even don’t have to lift your ass from your couch…

And don’t fucking tell me that you don’t have enough time for this. If you spend the majority of your “me time” on other blogs and webzines, you can actually do some work on building that healthy habit of research. It’s sweet, you know? It’s part of your innate nature to seek out things in the unknown. Don’t kill that by waiting somebody else to serve you all the time!

So where does this leave big-mouth me representing my creaky SBM blog? Simply put – nowhere. I’m just doing exactly what I told you before. The only difference is that I enjoy putting myself into the shoes of a writer even though I suck as hell.

Essentially, I expect nothing from anybody. If my writings happen to have helped you in any way, then great. I am happy! Still, I’m no longer aiming to act as the best, most advanced and relevant filter for black metal out there. It’s all about having fun.

PS: I know it’s totally not black metal, but Apocalypse Orchestra’s “The Garden of Earthly Delights” is one of those blessings that I can’t have enough of presently. And given the nature of this post, why not join me on a different journey just today?