While going through my emails today, I spotted a bunch of unknown bands that will surely intrigue you. What’s common between MavradoxaInsulters and Eggs of Gomorrh is that the 3 of them are due to release a new album. What’s uncommon however, is the variation of their play style ranging from atmospheric to thrash and blackened death metal. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into the good stuff. 


As winter is drawing near, so is the upcoming debut of the US quartet Mavradoxa. “Sojourners“, the band’s debut full-length is scheduled for immediate release through Nebular Winter Productions. As of now, you can taste from it by checking out the exclusive track “Mists of the Tide” below. I haven’t gotten my hands on the complete track list yet but what I heard so far is really sweet in every aspect. Clearly, Mavradoxa did an awesome job with the sound quality, artwork and composing. Expect “Sojourners” to be an album of mellow songs perfect for easing your mind after an intense day. 

Note:Sojourners” is going to be available on CD & tape on 15 November. You can make your pre-order directly on Bandcamp.

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Track list:

1. Tempest of Dreams
2. Mist of the Tides
3. Enshrouded in Dawn
4. My Bones Become the Roots
5. Cenotaph

Мavradoxa - Sojourners cover


I do not consider myself a die-hard thrash metal fan but Spain’s Insulters have pushed me towards that direction. Their upcoming sophomore album “Metal Still Means Danger” is super-charged with violent thrash infused with abrasive vocal work that will awaken the rebel in you right away. Unholy Prophecies and Equinox Discos will handle the release and distribution starting from 1 January 2017. Meanwhile, bang the hell outta your head to the preview below. 

Note: “Metal Still Means Danger” isn’t available for pre-purchase yet but I advise you to regularly keep an eye on Unholy Prophecies and Equinox Discos’shop for new updates.

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Track list:

1. Age of Terror
2. Highway of the Dead
3. Icons and Symbols
4. Bang Your Fucking Skull
5. Forged in Hell’s Fire
6. Bastard Soldiers
7. Burn With the Witch
8. Here Falls the Hammer
9. Metal Still Means Danger



Eggs of Gomorrh

While you are still on the violent wave, I’ll finish off this post with a brutal assault that will burn down your world completely. Eggs of Gomorrh is by all means an act of bestiality and ruthlessness. Since the dawn of this Swiss collective, their sound has been rooted deeply in the vein of blackened death metal spreading mass destruction. Their upcoming debut “Rot Prophet” is an embodiment of catastrophic war outcomes; a deed by the Hell beast himself. Full of fire, bursting with uncontrollable insanity, there is only one end that comes down to death! Stream all tracks on the Bandcamp player below. 

Note: “Rot Prophet” is due to be out on 4 November via Vault of Dried Bones, however the pre-orders are already available. 

Track list:

1. Lust of Murder
2. Goat Inkvizitor
3. Whore of Sodom
4. Elation Devout
5. Appharkt
6. Leperverted
7. Rot Prophet