Alright folks, it’s Monday and I am sure most of you are not really fond of that fact but I’ve got something good for you! In this brief installment, I’d like to share an exclusive music video by Burial Oath – a Cleveland-based trio whose debut full-length “Beyond the Vale of Shadowlands” is right around the corner.

Undoubtedly, the band can be labelled as newborn given that it was formed last year. However, these guys waste no time and they already put out an EP, which you can check out on their Bandcamp page in case you are not familiar with their work. Speaking of “Beyond the Vale of Shadowlands“, Burial Oath have begun a new chapter that reaches the furthermost depths of the occult where chaos and death are among the fundamental subjects in their blackened teachings. The track list consists of 8 songs, one of which, you can taste from by throwing an eye at their video titled “Womb of Cosmic Bane” below.

“Beyond the Vale of Shadowlands” will be released independently on digital and physical format (CD) as of 7th April. Pre-ordering is already availalbe, and you can save a copy for yourself on Bandcamp or by getting in touch on Facebook. 



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