When it comes to Norwegian black metal, first assosiations are related to some of the most famous yet controversial bands that contributed in laying down the foundation of this genre and become a powerful source for aspiring artists. Throughout the years have been a major change and this style has been pushed further with more complexity in every manner. In this installment, I’d like to present you Vyrju, which is a Norway-based one-man band and his debut EP “Black” – a perfected version of the classic Norwegian sound, I’d say.

“Black” is a relatively short and abundant of musicality mini album that holds inside intensive melancholic, almost doom-like atmosphere. Every instrument is performed by Vyrju’s mastermind Jan Lindsø except for the drums and clean singing, which Tim Yatras (Germ, Autumn’s Dawn, ex. Austere, ex Woods Of Desolation) is responsible of.

“Oh, sweet silent death.. Why have you left me alone?”
-taken from “There Is No Grave Big Enough to Take All My Sorrows”, Vyrju

Speaking of the lyrical themes, this record is depressive black metal by the book. Desperation, hopelessness and extinction of the flame of life is basically what “Black” is circling around. Where it deviates, however and becomes highly interesting is the diversification of the musical elements and how the emotional frequences can drastically rise up and then settle down with the inclusion of the clean singing. Its cold grimness is on a par with the more gentle and beautiful side, projecting a picture of a dark and worn out soul, which is to ascend into a better place. Somehow, I can see the tracklist from the first to the last song as a process of leaving. As if the initial tracks set the bitterness of eathy life until the point of finding spiritual equilibrium as soon as it all fades away.

In a nutshell, Vyjru has given birth to a promising beginning, leaving me pleasantly surprised and looking forward to see what’s coming next. I do recommend “Black” for people who value high quality music with a strong emotional presence and ravaging inner darkness.

Black Forest Records, release: 01.12.2014
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1. The Constant Void
2. There Is No Grave Big Enough to Take All My Sorrows
3. Gone
4. The Residue of Life

Total running time: 21:22