I’ve always hated that part of keeping my mouth shut when I know how good the material at hand is but I’m not allowed to talk about. Well, again that was the case for me when it comes to Vorga’s debut EP “Radiant Gloom“, which I had to keep in secret for a while.

Vorga is a newborn multinational quartet based in Germany. Their skillset, however does not present them as if they just picked up their instruments and started jamming. “Radiant Gloom” is a testament for major sense of creativity, passion and knowledge in composition.

From the very first instance, I was engulfed by the opening spreading into a mesmerizing cosmic experience. The track list even as short as 4 songs delivers nothing but pure eargasmic 22 minutes ride into the harshest parts of the cosmos. Speaking of the lyrics, here is what the band says:

We are trying to promote existential nihilism – we’re all nothing in the grand scheme of things and looking up to the stars always reminds me of that and invokes a feeling we wanted to get across in the music. At the same time, there’s a wonderful freedom to that. Lyrically we often focus on the shitshow of modern life and try to use those themes to reinforce the pointlessness of it all.

There is a strong notion of playing around with atmosphere and melody in such a way that elevates the vocals. The entire material is tightly produced and exemplifies an extensive understanding of composing every stage in a complementary fashion. Each element fits together with the rest.

Vorga’sRadiant Gloom” is hyper-charged with vividness and it is hard to resist its charm even after the first playthrough. Personally, I believe that this beginning is a promise for an exciting future and I will definitely keep an eye on these guys.

Follow Vorga on Facebook. Order a CD via Bandcamp. As of 21st June, Vorga is releasing a cassette including 2 additional tracks via Fólkvangr Records.