I have encountered a number of times when fans state that extreme metal is going nowhere and rapidly becoming pop music, as it were. Although, this topic is vast and can be discussed for ages, I would like to narrow it down by jumping right into the conclusion. In my modest opinion, extreme metal is and will be alive because there are plenty of artists to keep it up. For this article specifically, I have got the Brasilian oldschool duo Vermis Mortem who pay homage to the early stages of black metal; the dirty, nasty and sickening form that we are used to relate when it comes to this genre. 

Vermis Mortem released their debut demo “Evil Never Dies” back in 2014. It’s short and sweet, clocking at approximately 15 minutes of raw blackness. It is available in a very limited cassette edition (200 copies) as well as digital format. If you have found yourself longing for the old and familiar sound from the past, then I recommend you to hit the play button below and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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