I’ve listened to black metal since forever. Every day I stumble upon new bands that take my breath away and make my passion grow stronger. They expand this genre and keep the legacy of its ancestors more alive than ever. Today, I am gonna take you on a trip to the darkest corners of the underground Bulgarian black metal scene and I do hope for you to make the most of it.

Eight bands have been carefully selected in total among many others and they vary from traditional to symphonic black metal. So far it is intended to be a 2-part series. However,  take into account that this selection will be expanded in time. Therefore, keep an eye on our Google+ in case you miss the new episode. Now, let’s get started, shall we?


The first band that I’m gonna start out with is the mighty Inspell. These guys have got one full-length up to date, which is called “Arcadian Tales: The Egregore.” Pretty awesome debut that I recommend to all symphonic black metal fans. And that’s not all! You can listen to one of their latest tracks “The Art of Murder”  below. Subscribe for direct updates HERE. Also, make sure to follow the band on Soundcloud.



Belgarath literally released their debut album “Wanderer” a couple of days ago. I was very pleasantly surprised with the first track I heard – “Black Altar.” There are moments where you may notice that these guys have drawn some inspiration from Immortal and Satyricon. All in all, “Wanderer” is a promising record that deserves attention and praise. Find out more about Belgarath on their official Facebook page.


Serpentine Creation

If I am to give an accurate definition of Serpentine Creation‘s nature, I’d define them as “satanic black metal”. Hateful, hellish, fierce! They have proven the high quality of their music over the years as they keep progressing without a single letdown. You can listen to their debut album and the rest of the tracks of “Anti ReligionHERE. Follow the band on Facebook.


Corpus Diavolis

The last but definitely not the least recommendation is dedicated to Corpus Diavolis. A demonic union based in France yet being led by underground Bulgarian black metal vocalist Daemonicreator. Part of their songs are exclusively written in Bulgarian language! Last year, Corpus Diavolis released their second full-length “Entheogenesis.” You can listen to the rest songs of the album HERE. Follow the band on Facebook and stay tuned for more of it.