Third episode of the Bulgarian Black Metal sequence is finally here! My aim is to focus your attention to worthy bands that originate from a very unpopular destination such as Bulgaria. A country that mass media does not cover as much as it deserves. Anyways, before starting off, if you have missed out on the 1st and the 2nd episodes of the series, please follow the links below.

Episode 1 | Episode 2

Sources of I

Sources of I is kind of a newborn band that was conceived back in 2014. It consists of four members, two of which are already known for their participation in other famous projects. Déhà (vocals, bass) is known for working with multiple extreme and none-extreme acts. He is one of the main creative forces behind the band as well as their drummer Vortep whose presence can be spotted in Dimholt’s work, as well. Sources of I released their debut EP “Faces” in 2015 and one of the tracks titled “Shadows of the Stars” is available for streaming on Déhà’s Youtube channel.  If you would like to get to know the rest of his projects, visit his Bandcamp page

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If you wonder why this name rings a bell to you, it might be because of the worldwide known computer graphics card manufacturer Nvidia. Anyway, this is a killer black/death metal coven formed back in 2010 in Stara Zagora. This project features already established members from Serpentine Creation and Demonism. Four years later, they unleashed the debut full-length “Deep into the Moonlight“; an extremely high-quality release that I still cannot figure out why I didn’t get my hands on earlier..  Very solid, ground-breaking stuff pushing the genre further and proving that Bulgaria has a lot to offer to an extreme metal fan. Check Invidia out!



It might be the third or fourth time that I feature Dimholt but what the hell, it is mandatory! These guys play a fundamental role in the Bulgarian black metal scene.  I know I did say it once and I will repeat again. Dimholt is that element that helps redefine not only the quality but also the way Bulgarian underground music is presented nowadays. Treat yourself with their debut “Liberation Funeral” below.


Aryan Art

Aryan Art is an excellent example that a band can drastically change in terms of lyrical themes and still maintain quality as good as before. Although, I am not into patriotic black metal, I’ve enjoyed the musical approach Alexandar (one-man band) used to undertake. Now however, after transforming into a band that draws inspiration from spirituality and nature, Aryan Art has officially become part of my favourites. I do encourage you to check out the track from his latest record “Хармония – Вечност – Вселена” translated “Harmony – Eternity – Universe.”  


Project Grey / Dragshan

The last mention for this part is dedicated to a couple of aspiring bands in the face of Project Grey and Dragshan. So far, they have proven an unstoppable dedication to their craft. After streaming their untitled collaborative work below, I am having high expectations for what they might be currently cooking secretly in their infernal workshops. For more news and updates, visit their official Facebook pages. Many thanks to Stoyan who  brought Project Grey and Dragshan to my attention!

Project Grey on Facebook | Dragshan on Facebook