Here we go again paying a tribute to the underground Bulgarian black metal scene. If you’ve missed out the first part, no worries, just click here and catch up right away. Yet this time we serve you with the same number of bands, in the same manner with utmost quality. Time is precious, so lets get started at once!

Bulgarian bm scene may seem much narrower in comparison to, lets say the Scandinavian but one should keep in mind that there are artists that live up to the highest expectations of a true die-hard fan. Orenda is an example that you should definitely start out with on your way to discovering Bulgaria’s dark side. The band is around since 1999 (under the name Bleeding Black til 2004) and then transformed into Orenda and continued their legacy with full force ever since.

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Dark Inversion have been in my heart for a long time since I basically grew up with their majestic sound inspired by darkness, icy lands and nationalism. They have been active since 1996, having released a full-length, demo and most recently a single. The song “…and Great Bulgaria was born” is taken from their debut “The Land of the Dead Warriors.”
Note: This band is NOT NS by all means!

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Profoundly inspired by Elfish mythology, Shambless deliver an amazing portion of folk black metal to their fans. With fairy passages that portray epic scenes, Shambless put together the beauty & elegance of Elfish nature and harshness of black metal.

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To conclude this list as more epic as possible, your attention is requred for Darkflight – an act that incorporates black and doom elements, which equals to a mind-blowing outcome. They just released their 3rd album “Closure”  through Black Plague Records. You can take a peek at their new stuff below.

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