Two years past miracously fast and for such a short period of time, I can say that it was hell of a ride. This zine was born out of pure love for extreme music and it will live on as long as it is fueled by talented bands that I encounter on a daily basis. So, Happy Birthday to SBM and all the folks out there who throw an eye on it every once in a while! 

In this article I would like to recap what happened for those two years, so that if you are a newcomer, you’ll get to know SBM a little faster. Initially conceived on Google+ as a page meant for sharing tunes daily, it evolved to an online zine after some spontanious decisions. Nowadays, it’s not a big deal to create a website but maintaining it is a whole another story. So, that was how I decided to become one of the many bloggers sharing their favorite music to the rest of the world. Of course, my purpose was to stand out with a unique character and that’s spreading black metal underground exclusively. Why? Well, you have no fucking idea how tired I was of seeing all the same Mayhem, Marduk, Behemoth and Dark Funeral posts every damned day on basically whatever social network you can think of or just websites. I got really, really ANGRY because I was well aware how many EXTREMELY talented artists were out there looking for just a little attention and appreciation. My brain could not process why people were so closed-minded and never opened themselves for new stuff, better stuff, EVOLVING the genre and giving it an extra flavour.

Support Black Metal zine was my idea of a virtual stage for all those neglected bands who needed “a stage to voice their art.” Spreading quality black metal and nothing more. Popular stuff? Forget about them. That’s how I was and still am reflecting when it comes to music. This constant anger and distress motivated me to go on, create the zine and get it updated as often as I could with stuff that I like and consider that are worth sharing to other people. It was not easy and unfortunately I could not do it on a daily basis because as most people on this planet, I have a job and side projects that take away from my time. However, no matter the circumstances, no matter the pressure, love can beat the hell outta anything and therefore, I run this zine up to this date and so I will as long as my passion for black metal lasts, and that my fellow readers, is endless! 


Two SBM compilations (see SBM vol.1 and SBM vol.2), many recommended bands and albums and two giveaways; might not sound that much but the effort it takes is undoubtedly a lot. All this was first and foremost an enlightening process for myself because I learned quite a bit from black metal as well as how to support a website. Keeping in mind that there was nobody helping me, I had to balance between writing, keeping the website optimized and share the news across the net. Tough or not, I cannot express how much pleasure it gives me to enrich others with possibly the best music out there, in my humble opinion.

What’s next? More and more good music for you, of course! I can only promise to deliver new, fresh, extraordinary and pushining the limits examples of darkened artistry. More media rather than bullshit. With that being said, make sure to listen to the amazing bands as follows TineCoil Commemorate Enslave, Mephorash and Nadiwrath! Cheers and see you in the next birthday rant!

Artwork by Nemons