This year is the year of awakening! I can already recall several bands who are on the verge of releasing a new album in years of silence. One of them is Finnish satanic cult True Black Dawn whose debut album “Blood for Satan” came forth back in 2001. 4 years later the band joined Enochian Crescent and O for a 3-way split titled “O.B.C.” and then, they just drifted away from the stage leaving many questions of what was to come next. Rumours about any activity were abound but nothing really concrete until this day when World Terror Committee  officially confirmed  the new True Black Dawn album by unveiling its title, tracklist and cover artwork. I’ve been fortunate to be able to get my hands on “Come The Colorless Dawn” and I got very impressed with the final outcome. For all the years, the band has been preparing 11 truly obscure hymns that demonstrate an evolved sound and sophisticated understanding of the new yet true black metal breed.

“Come The Colorless Dawn” offers a bloody chalice that has a similar taste to its precursor but goes a longer way offering a darker, awe-inspiring sounding and well-rounded production where each instrument unleashes its potential to the fullest. For the time being, there is no streaming available and I strongly advise you to keep an eye on on WTC (HERE) and True Black Dawn (HERE) for more updates. “Come The Colorless Dawn” is coming out on 17 May in CD, LP and digital format. Below you can have a look at the cover artwork and the tracklist. 

1. Intro
2. Come the Colorless Dawn
3. The Light Goes Out
4. Cinereous
5. The Ring-Pass-Not
6. Downwards the Serpent Spiral
7. Strange Shaded Sky
8. The Sectile Shadow
9. Eyes of the Cadaver
10. Into the Tomb of Her Mirror
11. Outro