Lets face it, German folks have got it embeded in their DNA to make awesome black metal, pushing the boundaries all the time. I mean, you won’t be surprised if you see “stunning” and “german black metal” in the same sentence, will you? Countless bands to point at and among them is Totengeflüster – new generation symphonic black metal duo that strikes so strong from the beginning with their debut “Vom Seelensterben.”

Totengeflüster is one of those bands that do everything on their own and they do know how to deliver the best. Creative by all means. These guys have invested so much energy, creativity and time to make what I am currently listening to “Vom Seelensterben” – a haunting symphonic masterpiece.


Totleben is the instrumentalist of Totengeflüster since he is the bass, guitar and keyboards player as well as graphic designer whose work is spread throughout the whole album. Narbengrund stands behind the sick vocals, lyrics and concept. The percussion is performed by session drummer Schattendorn. Having their passion for extreme music united, they gave birth to “Vom Seelensterben.”

To put it simply, “Vom Seelensterben” gives what many newborn bands lack in the symphonic genre – spirituality, inwardness and uniqueness. That piece which makes the experience more vivid and takes you into core of the concept from the start til the end. It is Extraordinary – gloomy stories embodied within beautifully crafted musical creation, Ghostly – horror crawling out of the venomous chants accompanied by bewitching symphonies, Elegant – seducing into a nightmarish reality where you willingly surrender your soul to unheavenly torment.


The whole concept of “Vom Seelensterben” leads you into the darkest forests where restless shadows haunt, being bound to suffer for good. Where inhuman creatures commanded by Narbengrund‘s ghost whispers guard the lifeless soil and make sure no entity leaves these dimensions of everlasting dread. Soaring up high in the clear sky above the forests, black symphonic magic flows madness into the desperate shadows, impelling them to dance around the trees, and disturb the deep silence that covers those lands beyond life.

Totengeflüster didn’t just do a great job. They outdid themselves! Everything they did for this album is excellent. A great deal of attention was paid to the least detail. Even when it comes down to packaging and delivery. This is how it’s done! And these guys did it on their own! No labels or anything like that. Just themselves! “Vom Seelensterben” is a must-have and recommended for symphonic black metal fans who seek best of the best in this genre.

TotengeflüsterVom Seelensterben
Self-released, release: 01.02.2013
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Die Prophezeiung
Ein Traumgespinst
Ein Monolog Im Mondschein
Gefrorene Tränen
Vom Seelensterben
Der Pakt
Blutsegen – Die strömende Erkenntnis
Ein Neuer Pfad
Im Tau Der Toten Morgensonne
Ein Monolog Im Mondschein (Orchestral Version) (Bonus)

Total running time: 46:37