I’ve been itching to write an article of this type for ages and since this is SBM’s first yearly summary, I could not help myself but share this sweet list of top 20 black metal bands of 2014 that in my opinion you should know. Although, it was tough to limit myself to a bunch of examples, I tried my best to give you names that resolve around (almost) every sub-division of this genre, so that there’s something for every connoisseur of fine quality darkened art. No more talking, let’s listen to some black metal!

  1. Animo Aeger

  2. Absentia Lunae

  3. Agael

  4. Animus Mortis

  5. Caïnan Dawn

  6. Firtan

  7. Forever Dawn

  8. Haemoth

  9. Heretical

  10. Hiverna

  11. Infestum

  12. Lathspell

  13. Murder

  14. Murmur

  15. Morowe

  16. Pure

  17. Sinmara

  18. Stoic Dissention

  19. The Deathtrip

  20. Zeugen der Leere