Atramentvm - Theotoxin

There are days of drought, grim silence and nothingness on the horizon when it comes to discovering quality new material. However, there is that moment when out of nowhere I am literally being overwhelmed by a massive wave of awesome new bands that get better and better, putting me in a situation where I could not be able to comprehend what just happened. I believe today is that day, thus I’ve compiled this special write up featuring 4 incredible bands that are worthy of your attention at the very least. Now, buckle up for we are heading for Vienna, Austria! 

Theotoxin – Atramentvm

Atramentvm - Theotoxin

Aspiring, hungry and definitely bold enough to crush everything on their way, Theotoxin is a newborn entity paving their way to glory seamlessly. The band’s ambition is reflected well in their debut full-length titled “Atramentvm“, which for me is an outright wicked form of art that will freeze your blood and keep you in awe throughout its span. Now, these guys state that their style falls under the black/death metal current resulting in the severely brutal passages building up rapidly into a bestial force of unrelenting destruction. 

In the midst of the deadly storm of evil and scorn, I could not bypass the amount of work and care Theotoxin demonstrated with their firstborn album. “Atramentvm” is a prime example of high-end technical skills, superior artistic expression and unprecedented sound crafting making the track list bursting with devastating drive from start to end. Of course, all this comes as no surprise given that this coven was raised by ex members from Hollenthon and Zombie Inc. who have a knack for delivering stellar performance. Even though I am very tempted to move on praising this album, I’d draw the line here and leave you make your first impression on your own. 

Note: “Atramentvm” is released independently. For order inquiries visit Theotoxin on their social media page.



DSKNT – PhSPHR / Entropy

DSKNT - phsphr / entropy

Assuming that you’ve already tasted the recommendation above, it’s time to dive even further down into the spiral of madness. DSKNT is a Swiss one-man project masterminded by Asknt who is also associated with names like Shaddaï, Ab Occulto and Necrosemen. Recently, the band uncovered a trailer of what’s to come as the debut “PhSPHR / Entropy” in September and man, it’s disturbing as hell! “S.O.P.O.R.” is that glimpse of the bottomless void that creates a sense of something grandeur coming down upon this wretched soil that will be remembered for long, I believe. Packed with a sinister atmosphere and infused by pure audial insanity growing more and more within 8 minutes. Dissonant to the core and mysterious in its essence, DSKNT have already muddied the waters and it’s only a matter of time to see whether a new masterpiece is on its way. 

Note:PhSPHR / Entropy” to be released by Clavis Secretorvm as a digipack. In addition, Asknt mentioned that 2 splits are in the works. 



Hyperborean Skies – Empyrean Fracture

Hyperborean Skies - Empyrean Fracture

Now, allow me to step away from the abyss and brighten things up with Hyperborean Skies; an Oklahoma-based solo project that was established in 2013 by Ben Stire. He presented to me his debut album “Empyrean Fracture” offering a little over an hour of beautiful compositions that I couldn’t help but share here on SBM. Immediately what stands out is the splendid melodic riffs that breathe out emotions so intense that are hard to prevent from moving you deeply. Apart from that, the subtle atmosphere accompanying the excellent arrangements brings more liveliness into this somewhat melancholic and thought-provoking album. This one is a hidden gem, indeed. Hats off! 

Facebook | Youtube | Soundcloud


Synodic – Infinite Presence In A Violent Universe

Synodic - Infinite Presence In A Violent Universe

What if you realize that beyond what we know and perceive is just nothing but a hostile universe where inhuman dangers await in the sheer murkiness? Questions about what lies beyond are being asked on a daily basis by people of all kinds of background and knowledge. Under the spotlight however, Synodic comes across with their freshly released debut album “Infinite Presence in a Violent Universe” giving an introspective of the eternal reign of a cosmic cataclysm. A symbiosis of eerie atmospheric black metal and drifting dark ambience that paints a striking and equally frightening picture of an infinite space beyond man’s conventional understanding of everything. The following 8 songs are nothing short but a cohesive voyage into the severe nature of the universe itself. Amazing quality of the overall music that speaks more than expected. 



Now that you’ve already reached the end of this post, here is what comes next. My new CD recommendation is drawing closer, so make sure to keep an eye on SBM. It’s gonna be a blast, I assure you! 


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