In the previous post of this kind I ranted about the new changes on Facebook and how they affected everybody who is kinda depended on it. This time, I’m gonna try to share some methods that will hopefully be of use to you when promoting your music/merch or whatsoever.

First and foremost you need to understand that just liking your page doesn’t guarantee your followers that they will receive your feed. In fact, they are likely to miss up to 90% of it, despite of being your “fans.” To handle this problem and increase your chances of being noticed, you need to encourage your fans to add your page to an interest list. 

This way they inform Facebook that your page is impotant to them and they care for the content in it. However, that’s not all. There’s an option for your die-hard followers to surely receive every update of yours as they also tick Get Notifications, which is located in the same menu as Add to Interests List. This function works pretty much like when you add a friend as Close Friends – thus everytime he posts something on his wall, you receive a notification.

Engagement is the other essential part of Facebook that you have to get to know. In short, the interaction with your content defines the engagement rate of your page. Examples? Sure. Comments + likes + shares = engagement rate = more xx people talking about this. The more your page is mentioned and the content is shared & liked, the higher rate it will have. This is what you should aim for instead for thinking of an approach to collect more page likes.



How to move people to talk about your page? First be closer to your followers. Try to communicate with your audience as much as possible. Post some engaging stuff like pictures with questions, organize merch giveaways (everybody loves free stuff) and generally  show that you care about your fans; their opinion & presence is important to you. As to giveaways, make them smart, make the most of them. Don’t just announce that you will give your new album to the first 3 people that have liked your post and then end of the story. It needs more than that.

Establish ground rules. Push your audience to like the post of your giveway, share (in public mode) & comment it. Keep yourself engageed and follow the activities of your fans. As an individual, you can come up with good ideas and make your giveaway original and attractive. Remember: It’s worth to give something small for free because you will get 10 times more in return – respect, higher engagement rate, higher interest, more people will reach your production and many, many likes.

To summarize everything said in above, you need to spend twice as much effort and time on building stronger connection to your audience. That’s the way to effectively promote your stuff on Facebook for free. Of course, if you have a website, please don’t neglect newsletters. In my opinion that’s probably the best way to send out your updates. Making your audience sign up for newsletters is a whole other story, though and I will get back to it some day.