You might have read on many zines and blogs about the kind of new monetary policy of our “beloved” social network Facebook.  Those guys seem to not stop surprise me with their abyssic hunger for financial capitals and do whatever it takes to brutally rip off everybody who is depended on the platform. Let me elaborate. For those of you who have got a clue of edgerank, Facebook first changed its way of functioning to asssess the preferences of users and show them only the content that is relevant/interesting to them. Or in other words, an algorithm decides for you what you’ll like to see and what not.

Why is this so important and takes place on SBM? As we clearly stated in the “about” page “we want to show you the best of the underground..” and with those tweaks that Facebook has implemented, it’s getting harder to do.  Our bigger fanbase (comparing FB and G+ pages) is on Facebook with a total of 10 431 fans – a significant number BUT only a small percentage of them is able to actually see the post updates. Why? Because we don’t pay for promotion.

Generally, the reduction of posts reach (without boosting/paying for higher exposure) is down to 1-2% and puts huge pressure on all the struggling underground bands, labels and zines to spread their content. That’s a big deal because most of them cannot afford spending cash on running personal websites (they already have enough spendings on shit load of other stuff), not to mention for advertising.

Other blogs and zines such as No Clean Singing (NCS) reported a number of times about Facebook’s extortions leading to the bottom line – pay or suffer. Although, the last article by NCS provides more shocking insights  where you can also watch a video (if you dare to damage your nerves).

The commonly asked question is “what to do then?” Well, in regards to Support Black Metal this is how we’re gonna fight back. The best and most certain way to receive every update is through newsletters. It’s always worked and it is absolutely for free. Nobody else interferes and decides what you may want to see or not. We post and you receive an e-mail – point A to point B. Simple as that. Instead of sharing individual tracks, we’re gonna make selections of several of them and present them to you in an article. This way, you, as a subscribed member, you will surely see the updates without fearing of missing out new bands and overall news.

The procedure to become a subscribed member to Support Black Metal is a piece of cake. You have to enter your e-mail address in the newsletter form and click the button. Then you’ll receive an activational letter to confirm and voila – you are ready to go.