I used to have a custom of sharing quick throwbacks on Twitter before I eventually decided to let go of it. However, just because I buried one profile does not mean that I should end the whole concept of reminiscing old releases, so here we go. I’d eagerly want to present you a band that brings the rawest form of barbarity in music. Behold Vorum!

Remember when metal was quite inaccessible, outright dangerous and associated with all kinds of spooky things? I guess that’s long in the past for better or worse but bands like Vorum brought me back to those murky times again. Like a sudden atomic blast, their latest EP “Current Mouth” shatters the silence and leaves no survivors at its wake.

The spitefulness and engulfing insanity that reek from the vocals and instrumental work are absolutely devastating. Not only is it technically superb record but also very unpredictable in the most positive way. There is always something around the corner that will keep your interest at its peak.

As I suggested earlier, “Current Mouth” is not your daily record. It actually requires to be in a specific mood in order to digest its full potential. Given its savage nature, you really need to come prepared before you let this one overrun your senses. Yet when that happens, you will fully uncover the undisputed potency of this hidden gem.

I also feel obligated to thank Sepulchral Voice Records for helping Vorum make “Current Mouth” on the physical plane. This CD is a must-have especially if you are into the heaviest forms of blackened death artistry.

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