I’m back for yet another short but very important feature that I’ve hinted in the interview with Thorybos some time ago. Namely, their freshly released EP titled “The Foul and the Flagrant“, which I personally expected quite eagerly given their very potent and engaging discography. But let me spare just a few words in case you are not familiar with Thorybos yet.

Quite simply, this German act is a manifestation that embodies total ruthlessness, sickening barbarity and darkness mashed into a brutal assault that’s not meant for the masses. In other even simpler words – black/death terrorism going off the charts in terms of dissonance.

Now, that you have at least a slight idea of what you are about to digest, let me introduce this 20-minute gem that easily explodes into a massive wave of annihilation sparing you no time to take a breath. “The Foul and the Flagrant” presents 6 short pieces of utterly abhorrent and raw synergy. An excellent execution and lesson in underground arts teaching everything about the barbaric nature of this genre.

Without going further in an obviously failing attempt to describe this experience, “The Foul and the Flagrant” is a brave venture into the sheer desolated landscapes of terror and malignant essence. Anyway, let the album speaks for itself.

Note: If would like to acquire this release in a physical format, please visit Thorybos‘ Bandcamp page via the player below.