Alright folks, time has been extremely short on my side, which is why I haven’t posted anything in a while. In the meantime however, I’ve been collecting material and today is the day to share it with you all. Without further due, here it goes. 

Theurgia – Anti Perpetuo | Follow

Theurgia - Anti Perpetuo

When it comes to Venezuela, I’ve always associated that part of the globe with their abundant brutal death metal scene. In between, though, you may find bands like Theurgia who passionately create and spread darkened art for dedicated small audiences. I’ve come across their debut EP “Anti Perpetuo” including 5 infectious songs that are heavily inspired by Scandinavia’s glorious classics dating back to the 90s. Fast and violent to the core as this genre is supposed to be, Theurgia brings more of the primal black metal form in a refreshing manner. Give it a listen below. 


Khragkh – Ersatz

Khragkh - Ersatz

Khragkh is a mysterious alliance that is nowhere to be found except for their Bandcamp page. In April, they unleashed their debut full-length “Ersatz” independently whose quality promises a bright future if they keep things that good. The album itself offers roughly 34 minutes of mid to fast-paced black metal assault imbued with melodious riffage that makes you crave for more and more. Mature production, great artistic expression and solidity demonstrated from beginning to end. Definitely worth the time! 


Chinbjer  present a sneak peek from their upcoming work | Follow


Norwegian bands tend to pull out awe-inspiring breed of art from extreme to its softer forms, let’s face it. Increasingly, newcomers add up to the incredible richness of talent that springs from those icy lands and one particular example that I have in mind is Chinbjer. This is a newborn band, which is yet to bring forth their first opus this Fall. Still, the trio has given an opportunity to taste of what’s to come and judging by “In Time”, the wait will be very much worth it! The atmosphere weaving around the track evokes an epic landscape of battles, honour and blood spilled across the frostbitten soil. Of course, this is just the very first picture I’ve instantly got in my head and by all means I don’t want you to think that Chinbjer is actually relating to such a subject matter. As of now there is no further info about the upcoming album, so keep an eye on their Facebook page. 


Winterkyla – Uppland | Follow [Free download]

Winterkyla - Uppland

Fucking hell! Where did Winterkyla come from? The short answer is Sweden, which to a certain degree explains why the band’s debut EP “Uppland” is so damn good! Where this short but infectious delight truly excels is the unpredictable melodies that develop an undying desire to harvest more of its riches.  Overall, it’s a tad carried away, light yet rapidly evolving into a relentless beast of a mini album leading me to the following conclusion. Winterkyla will almost certainly appeal to those among you who seek extreme music with a dense atmosphere and well-rounded compositions. 

Note: You can get your free copy by visiting the Bandcamp page through the player below!


Acedia Mundi – Speculum Humanae Salvationis | Follow

Acedia Mundi - Speculum Humanae Salvationis

What a pleasant surprise was to find out about Parisian black/death metallers Acedia Mundi who literally broke loose total devastation on my world! You see, these guys don’t play games and instead, they tried an experiment that in my opinion turned out to be a huge success. Combining technical death metal influences with an obscure blackened inclination results in a complete and utter sonic madness that feels dangerous at the very least. On top of the festering chaos, their debut “Speculum Humanae Salvationis” does introduce some admirable melodies making the experience a wild but incredibly awesome ride. This is undoubtedly one of the best surprises that I’ve got my hands on lately and I cannot recommend it enough!