Hail, black metal headbangers! I’ve got a quick update to share but before proceeding, please tune up your stereo as quick as you can! I’ve received some great news from the headquarters of Iron Bonehead Productions and I’m certain you’ll get as excited as I am. Australian black/death metal quartet Temple Nightside are on the verge of releasing their sophomore full-length titled “The Hecatomb.”

The 9-piece record is scheduled to come out on 5h August in LP/CD.  Below you can check out the complete tracklist. Meanwhile, Temple Nightside made available an extremely crushing track for you to taste while waiting. 

Keep an eye on Iron Bonehead Productions’ Facebook for more clues. 


1. Graven
2. Adrift in Sepulchral Entropy
3. Ossuary (Commune 3.1)
4. Fortress of Burden and Distress
5. The Murderous Victor (Commune 3.2)
6. Within the Arms of Nothingness
7. Tempest
8. Burial Adoration (Commune 3.3)
9. Charnel Winds

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