One of the easiest ways to enter the infinite realms of beauty of nature is through appropriate mood setting. The right music and imagery can fuel your imagination and take you beyond your reality. As to music, “Silent Forest” serves exactly this purpose. A fascinating atmospheric/ambient black metal incarnation of nature that was carefully shaped by Forgotten Deity – a one-man project from Poland.Forgotten Deity - Silent Forest

“Silent Forest” is far away from the hateful & blasphemous themes that most bands are aiming for within the boundaries of black metal. It’s a musical “tale” entirely dedicated to nature and that can be depicted through the charming soundscapes, which are full of ambience. Most of the songs in “Silent Forest” are pure instrumentals and for this genre it’s quite likely to encounter. Vocals can be spotted on “Forest Silence” and “Land of Our Fathers.”

Purposely the rhythm of all songs is slow to mid-paced in order to get you into a relaxed state of the mind before you set off towards the distant frozen forests. In general, the instrumental is so delicate that you will find yourself laying your head back and start daydreaming. And then sightseeing without even having to spend plenty of money for the sake of getting to that untouched by human hands piece of land or maybe paradise.

This album is more than just seven tracks. It’s a therapy that will lift off the pressure from your everyday life and then you’ll start fresh. However, it’s not an innovative take but good enough to have a break from the typical black metal sound. Recommended especially for fans of Lustre.

Forgotten DeitySilent Forest
Le Crepuscule Soir
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  1. Frozen Forest
  2. Beauty of Nature
  3. Cold Wind
  4. Forest Silence
  5. Land of Our Fathers
  6. Winter Night
  7. Dreamworld