I cannot recall when exactly I discovered Aeons Confer but it was by accident. Their music video ESP crossed my sight and after listening to it for the first time, I was certain that I had to share it with you guys on SBM’s social pages. But that was all back then. After a long while I got back to Aeons Confer with their CD “Symphonies of Saturnus” beside me that is ready to be dissected. First things first, so let me introduce you the band itself.

There is more darkness than light. More darkness than life. Being alive means nothing more than searching for the meaning of human existence.

Aeons Confer hail from Hamburg, Germany and believe it or not they have been around since 1997. It’s one of those bands that you need to work harder til you find them but once you do, you know you have won the jackpot. If Aeons Confer is to be classified according to a style, they are symphonic black/death metal. Six musicians represent the band who have dedicated themselves to be a wellspring of innovativeness, complexity as well as mind-blowing musical prowess and sheer aggression.  In 2013 “Symphonies of Saturnus” was born – the band’s debut that summarizes years of experience, wisdom and striving for making something that is unique by itself.


“Symphonies of Saturnus” is a relatively long album than the usual consisting of 14 tracks. You shouldn’t and won’t mind that because once being engulfed by its own universe, the perception of time and space is no more. Widely concentrated on cosmic topics, questioning the knowledge of mankind, its purpose and generally glancing into the inner self beyond the reach of light.

The cover artwork is minimalistic and gives enough insight of the nature of “Symphonies of Saturnus”. Contrary to the visual simplicity at first sight, musically speaking it’s right the opposite. It’s complex in every form. And that’s the reason why there are no boring moments for over an hour. But what’s more to find?

Immense brutality in the vein of death/black metal from initial to final stage. Aerial symphonies on the background that build an omnipresent presence. Crushing death metal guitar lines and bestial double kick drumming that spurs to headbang insanely. The instrumental reflects top-notch musicianship – yeah, these guys know what they do and there’s nothing put in there by chance. Versatility is the word that summarizes it best and thus keeps the excitement up to the highest levels.

Here and there among the powerful harsh vocals are spotted clean ones. I gotta admit that I’m not the biggest fan of clean singing and oftenly this is what diminishes my interest. Not this time. In fact, if I am to point out one favorite song from the album that makes me go insane, I’d say it is “Aeons to Come.” This one is characterized with infectious clean singing in the chorus that rounds up the rest of the song. Not only does it feel logical to be there, but it is more complete in this manner.

I did highlight the word wisdom up in the beginning of the review for a reason. That is because of the lyrics. They are deep, meaningful and fitting the bill, as it were. The production of “Symphonies of Saturnus” is flawless. Profesionally executed – amazing sound quality making every part of the album evident, so that the enjoyment is doubled. The control over the different styles that shape the final outcome is tight. Needless to say how tough it is to achieve that..

Complexity within the boundaries making this record memorable – standing out high above the mass and shining as one of the brightest stars up in the sky. I admire and highly respect the striving for making  such a unique piece of unearthly art. I recommend you to listen the whole album below and make your first impression.

Aeons ConferSymphonies of Saturnus
Self-released, 05.10.2013
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1. Signals
2. ESP
3. Colossal Void
4. Probe
5. Alienate
6. Aeonized
7. Aeons to Come
8. Descent
9. Renaissance
10. The Order of Equilibrium
11. Symphonies of Saturnus – Part I – The Inheritance
12. Symphonies of Saturnus – Part II – The Proof
13. Symphonies of Saturnus – Part III – The Synthesis
14. Supremacy

Total running time: 01:18:22