I can’t believe that it’s been nearly one year since I premiered a preview of the new Sus Scrofa EP. What’s even more unbelievable is that the band resurrected after a deep 20 year slumber and finally made available their short but very promising work titled “Sinister Sylve.” Tha tracklist presents 4 songs in the vein of pagan black metal embellished with folk elements and dense atmosphere that will take you in the furthermost corners of an echanted forest. Here is a short description from Sus Scrofa about “Sinistre Sylve”:

Sinistre Sylve – sinister forest . The forest as a character, personified image in philosophic and animistic vision. Growing through the branches of deep woods, roaming the secret paths of visible and invisible Sus Scrofa music roots deep into abundant soil of Pyrenean myths. Lyrics are written in French and Occitan, the language of troubadours – wandering poets of Middle Ages. Comeback of French scene pioneers after more than twenty years of silence. From the members of Cober Ord, Stille Volk, La Breiche.

“Sinister Sylve” is out via Nomos Dei on CD format. You can order your copy via the bandcamp player below.


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