Update: The giveaway has come to its end and below you can see the names of the winners. 


support_black_metal_giveaway_cristalysSupport Black Metal celebrates the first birthday of its existence with lots of beer and quality black metal. For the past time, SBM has grown from a simple Google+ page into an e-zine that strives to support talanted musicians from around the globe. This journey through the world of darkness have landed many valuable connections, friendships and last but definitely not the least, broadened my perspective in terms of musical versatility. All this deserves a massive feasting and that, dear readers, will be honored by giving away two killer black metal albums by French black metal band Cristalys. Please click on the button below to see how to participate.

With this article I’d like to thank my collegue Nekrist who helps me in this cause so passionately. Also a big THANK YOU to Cristalys who kindly gave away two CDs of their album “In Hoc Signo Vinces”.  And of course, thanks to everybody who keeps an eye on this e-zine. Cheers and support black metal!