Welcome to the official e-zine of Support Black Metal! Thank you for coming by and spending some of your time here with us. Below is an explanation of what SBM is all about in three chapters – essence, aim and black list. Thus, you will get a better understanding of who we are, what we want and why we do this. Ride on!


SBM can be best described as a cause that stands behind one of the darkest genres in music. It is a foundation based on promotion of underground black metal bands as well as a source of inspiration for fans. A none-profit organization that showcases music defined by maximum quality by all means. Last but not the least, a link between artists, labels and fans. The force that unites us all and gives us drive to do this is profound respect and love for music.

“For black metal fans. By black metal fans..”

We are different, having different tastes and perspective on life but what gets us together is being open-minded. We know and believe that everything has to progress in order to be kept alive and stay engaging. One of the first principles for us is to give a chance to new approaches in black metal.


Our goal is pretty big and that’s what pushes us forward. We think big, limitless yet real. Okay, we won’t beat around the bush anymore, so straight to the matter. Bringing artits closer to labels, publishing out of the box reviews, taking interviews, organizing giveaways, posting compilations, announcing lists of best of the best is part of how we’re going to contribute to the underground scene.


We confirmed above that we are open-minded but there are exceptions to that rule. For example we do NOT and will never ever support National Socialistic Black Metal (NSBM) and christian black metal (CBM). Or propagandise satanism, anti-christianity, anti-existentialism, rasism and so on. You are free to look up websites that do but do not expect to see us follow/support/publish content of that kind here. It’s of crucial importance to remember that we are here to support and spread the art of black metal both musically and visually. The rest is up to you.

“What we advocate is only the art of black metal and nothing further!”

And to make this initial article more epic, we have got an outstanding album for free online streaming specially for you! We’d like to share with you the latest work of French pagan black metallers Aldaaron, which is called Supreme Silence.  Special thanks to Black Skull Records for giving us permission to upload it. You can purchase the album HERE.