Totalitarian is a no strange name to SBM. In fact, I published a rant about their debut last year, which was a huge success. To my sudden surprise, I just got in my email box that hot news where not only is new material coming up but also there is a preview already. Behold a sneak peek from the upcoming EP “Bloodlands“.

What instantly hit me was the dramatic change in the way this material sounds. While previously Totalitarian relied on a heavily crushing slow/mid paced extreme dissonance, now it’s a whole another story. And not a bad one, mind you.

The preview song demonstrates a different direction, which Totalitarian have undertaken where the shift is head on towards black metal. In fact, in a way it reminds me of Marduk’s latest releases. Furious, pummeling and unrelenting to the point of an imminent feeling of literal doom.

Other than that, the band continues to evolve within the militant sub-genre. More words are a waste, so go give “1933” a shot.

Note: “Bloodlands” is coming out on 12 April via Barren Void / Lavadome Productions. The track list features 6 songs.

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