It struck me as surprised when I read on Thy Darkened Shade’s official Facebook page that “something was coming soon.” After their outstanding “Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet”, which was made available to the public in 2014,  this little piece of news got me super excited and eager to see what was coming next. Not so long after that update, the band came back and shared a massive surprise for all of their followers: a glimpse from what they are currently cooking in their infernal dominion! Not only did they post a profound grim statement very much in their own style of expression but also put up an untitled track from an album that seems to be arriving this year! 

Into the alogos of the Qliphoth we are reborn in forms unbeknownst to human. We are receiving the sacrosanct treasures of the profound shadow Self. It is the will of the Devil to bring creation back to the everlasting primeval darkness. We seek to go deeper into the abyssal bliss of the great void and never to return. The astral travel into the tunnels is an endeavor that coalesces what is already united with the bonds of Luciferian blood.

A collective reflection of the other side by respected adepts of the path will be unleashed into the impure cosmos soon. Until then, this is the sample of what is about to come from Thy Darkened Shade.Triumph for the Azoth Self!


Despite the obscure title of the track “Forthcoming release 2016”, Thy Darkened Shade have made it clear that something epic, possibly even more than their previous album is drawing near. Have a bit and two of the consuming darkness below. For more updates follow them on Facebook HERE.