Hukutus is a Finnish black metal band that I’ve featured a few times already, including an exclusive interview. Ever since I discovered their work, I’ve become very attracted to it as it demonstrates maturity and willingness to push creative boundaries in the quest of establishing a unique presence in the obscure underground. Today, I have the pleasure of presenting a new chapter that goes the extra mile proving these guys to be a hungry, motivated and very talented fellowship that has a bright future waiting ahead. In this sense, allow me to introduce “Metsä ja yö“, the band’s freshly released single!

I first heard of “Metsä ja yö” thanks to Hukutus themselves who contacted me on Soundcloud. Apart from the track, they shared a brief intro about the concept behind it, which comes down to the following:

The title translates to “The Forest and the Night” and the concept is rather straightforward – on one hand, the song is an ode to our heritage and on the other, it describes a force that is older than our world, from a time before any light was created. Outside laws of nature and beyond all restrictions. And it guides our path through this existence.

Speaking of the track itself, it stretches to nearly 6 minutes of deep and mystical sounding leaning towards black metal’s melodic and more polished form as a whole. Anyhow, it does not shy away from other genres, which is why it has an interesting and versatile quality to it that will keep you glued on the “replay” button. Every aspect of  “Metsä ja yö” contributes to its richness but my favourite one is the enchanting riffs that build a distinct esoteric feel. 

Now, it’s unfortunate that no further details are present as to whether the single will be released in a physical format. I guess, that’s part of the mysticism surrounding it, right? Anyway, give it a good listen below. 

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