Hey folks, here is a quick piece of news that I just received and couldn’t help but share immediately! I assume there is no need to present who Belphegor are, so I’m gonna cut right down to the chase. There is a fresh sneak peek taken from the band’s 11th full-length titled “Totenritual” and it sounds very promising. The video below shares an array of hell-charged rhythm guitar work that emanates nothing short but pure brutality! 

Still, there are uncertainties like track list and cover artwork yet let’s not forget that “Totenritual” will be available as of 15th September via Nuclear Blast. So yeah, there is some waiting time for those details to show up. Anyway check out the video below and get hyped!

Meanwhile, I’ve prepared a bunch of new CDs as well as other interesting material that are due to be posted. Stay tuned!

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