Today’s installment brings forth nothing but utter desolation and madness unleashed by two acts of high skill and creativity! Skáphe and Wormlust, whose presence has been well praised due to their highly potent previous releases, are back with a joint project.

Both of the bands united to release a 2-piece album, which was released by Mystískaos quite recently, actually. On June 6th of this year, the collaborative effort whose title is “Kosmískur hryllingur” packs a 36 minutes of relentless psychedelic nightmare.

Kosmískur hryllingur” embodies a very unpredictable approach as to the way each song is structured. There is a strong aura of wickedness and mind-altering substance that explodes into waves of bigger scale that crush right into your consciousness.

Without a shadow of a doubt I’d say that this piece is not gonna be easy on you. Given its avant-garde nature fused deeply into the core of psychedelia, it sets a very clear distinction from the common sense black metal and everything else beyond its scope; which this one transcends way ahead, in my opinion.

Despite its polarazing essense, Skáphe and Wormlust managed to create an evocative album that bridges unconventional song writing, production and performance with the outer space beyond perceivable reality.

I could not recommend “Kosmískur hryllingur” enough to those among you who are willing to taste mind-bending forms of art.

Note: Both Skáphe and Wormlust feature members from other worthy names that you should explore as Misþyrming, Chaos Moon and Martröð.

Available for free download on Bandcamp.

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