Lo and behold, Sinmara are back and this time with an extensive material! Ván Records just lifted the veil that “Hvísl Stjarnanna“, the band’s sophomore record is about to see the light of day on 8th March this year. Given that Sinmara is part of a highly praised collective responsible for the current peak of Icelandic black metal, this news brings lots of excitement on its own.

However, what’s even better is the sneak peek that you can check out below. Upon listening to it for the first time, I immediately sensed the hunger and motivation to deliver a spectacular quality. Firstly, the weaving frostbitten melodies around the tight drumming stand out immediately with such a precision and influence. Secondly, the vocals introduce a powerful vibe of crushing devotion and omnipresence; making this experience far more interesting than just a listening session.

“Crimson Stars” gives away a lot of worthwhile moments thanks to the masterful setting, sound production and song writing. It just effortlessly stole my breath away especially with the incredibly catchy and memorable melodies icing on top of a marvelous composition. Give it a shot below, you won’t regret it!

Note: “Hvísl Stjarnanna” is to be released in vynil CD and digital format through Ván Records. Be sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel for it’s got a plentiful of tasty stuff.

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