Today is a great day to pay a tribute to those artists out there who protect and keep the flame burning. To those who remind us of the underground sound, creativity and genuine expression through the black arts. For the inspiration I drink! Now, as the tradition of this series go, I picked 3 bands that will return you to the primordial spirit and let the purity flow. Behold Shroud of Satan, Fullmoon Lunacy and Shores of Ladon; all German acts hailing from the deepest of the underground.

Fact: All 3 bands are tightly related since they interchange talent between each other.

Shroud of Satan

In 2013 the dawn of Shroud of Satan set, illuminating the furthermost corners of the scene with a handful but quite potent releases. It doesn’t take much to get familiar with their work but let me tell you, it’s not about the quantity here. It never was and will not be!

Their humble discography is imbued by the beautiful and everlasting strokes of the Scandinavian bm vein. I’ve purposely picked their latest release of 2018 titled “Of Evil Descent” whose magnificence springs out of the masterfully executed composing and production. Bringing forth frost-laden arrangements of superb melodic work, imposing vocals and grim atmosphere.


Fullmoon Lunacy

Speaking of names that have a nice ring to them, I think Fullmoon Lunacy does stand out in a way. In a world cluttered with so much noise, even an eye-catching name is vital in order to reach the right audience. Still, this two-piece act does not seem to be affected by popularity whatsoever and thus, delivers exactly what one could call a “non-stigmatized form of black metal”.

As such being further away from the trends, Fullmoon Lunacy engages with the classical form of this genre, however adding an extra ambient touch that expands the mystical appearance of this project. A good example would be band’s second demo “Cenotaph“, which features a pummeling instrumentals and powerful deep growls kind of reminiscent of Thorybos. Overall, there is an overarching aura of annihilation that one should not miss out.

Shores of Ladon

Last but certainly not the least comes my personal favourite of all, namely 5-piece fellowship Shores of Ladon. Since 2010, the band has released multiple demos, an EP and the crown jewel in their discography so far – “Eindringling“, their debut album.

What immediately shines through the thick layers of enthralling melodies and solid delivery vocals-wise, is a single but very strong binding component. And that is the superior attention in the production department and the awe-inspiring song writing skills.

I was highly appreciative of the fact that Shores of Ladon demonstrated so vividly that one can always contribute to the classics yet expand its origins keeping it fresh and stronger than ever. It takes an enormous knowledge and bright vision to achieve a milestone as big as that but when an artist creates from the heart, it just comes natural. And now, I invite you to let the music speak to yourself.