Berlin-based Black Metal formation Shrike will release their third full-length album Sieben (“Seven”) on April 11th. Artwork and tracklist have now been revealed by the band, as you can see below. Sieben will consist of five songs and follows Hinab in die vertraute Fremdheit (translates as “Down into the known strangeness”). Shrike are known for a certain psychedelic quality in their music and lyrics, the latter concerning a lot introspection and are not afraid of exploring the vast and dark fields of the mind. I am looking forward to it, although I couldn’t really get into their sound last time. But a band that manages to produce sound of a certain quality all by itself surely earns my interest.
The band’s name is derived from a mysterious creature in Dan Simmons’ award-winning scifi-novel Hyperion Cantos, being a menacing creature, half-mechanical, half organic, covered in spikes, thorns and razorblades.


01. Kreise
02. Kadaver
03. Shrike
04. Die Farben der Sehnsucht
05. Grimassen

Support the Shrike: Visit their homepage or facebook-page. You can listen to some of their older material on their MySpace-site.

For those of you who can read German: Here’s my review on Shrike‘s Hinab in die vertraute Fremdheit.