Dear SBM followers, the end of 2015 is drawing near and I decided to publish a special thought-provoking article that I hope will give you some brain food. This is the time when people should spend some quality time reflecting on what went good/bad, what could have been better and set new milestones for the upcoming 2016. During the course of the past 12 months, there have been quite a bit of challenges that made SBM’s development slower than it is supposed to be. However, as a passionate person, no matter what happened, I tried my best to give you as much insight as possible from the black metal underground and my biggest reward was your coming back and appreciation. Now, let me show you what went good, bad and what milestones I have set for the new year.

What went good

The album recommendations are increasing even though in a slow pace. I had the pleasure to write about and recommend some excellent releases from underground bands that blow up most of the mainstream stuff with a single strike, making me very proud of all the artists behind the curtains who continuously prove how deep black metal is. I always felt grateful for the opportunity to experience their amazing work by being offered to analyze it, give my honest opinion and support it by reserving a spot in the albums section. The fact that there is a handful of followers spreading my words and artists who value my “black metal propaganda” makes me satisfied and gives me yet another reason to develop this zine and its affiliates.

What went bad

There were long pauses when I was completely unable to do anything related to the zine, which resulted in a significant drawback in terms of visitors. To be honest, I did have this critical moment asking myself “Is it worth it to move on”; series of circumstances poisoned my mind and almost demolished the soaring pillars of my ultimate goal to turn this website into an invaluable place for underground black metal content. This is how the Youtube activity nearly seized, the Soundcloud profile got into a state of stagnancy and other less important stuff to point out. All of this had a hugely negative impact that I am currently trying to work out as hard as possible and get things as they are meant to be.

Milestones for 2016

Milestones are the perfect motivator and a guide to check every time when in doubt if one is on the right track. In the new year, I have planned to create a better schedule for easier album management since I am literally full of CDs to recommend but cannot find the ideal timing to sit back, enjoy them and write up a few words for you. My Youtube channel is going to rise again and this time it will offer a special feature for you. You can subscribe HERE and be sure that you won’t miss a thing. Soundcloud is also going to get active meaning more reposts and new tracks added to Support Black Metal Spotlight.” More improvements in the website’s functionality as well as updates that will increase its value tremendously. CD giveaways is another big milestone I am eager to achieve for I want to reward your dedication to SBM as well as spread the black metal infection, obviously. New guest appearances, interviews and amazing premieres from the ever expanding underground. 

Final statement

SBM zine will continue to grow and that’s absolutely certain because it is an essential part of my life. I may not update it hourly as most websites do, but at least I can promise you that whenever you hear from me, it will be because I have something precious for you. For the non-subscribers, you are very welcome to subscribe for SBM’s newsletter. That’s it for now, stay tuned. Cheers!

Image: Cult of Fire. Follow them on Facebook | Youtube