SBM sampler vol. 2 unleashed


I am very excited to present you the second volume of Support Black Metal’s sampler! What you can find in this brand new installment is some superb underground black metal bands from around the globe offering amazing and various experiences. This time, the sampler has been uploaded in three versions: complete, part 1 and part 2. In case your connection is slow, you are welcome to download it part by part. Read no more and get your hands on this pure gem now! 

Download Complete | Download Part 1 | Download Part 2

Participating bands:

Angelscourge, Apocalyptic Fire, AudnCienCruda SorteDelugeDimholtHalligHegerothHuman Serpent, Is, KaeckKafirun, Lashblood, Lord of PagathornMoonreich, Murder, PoenariRegarde Les Hommes TomberSkialykonStryvigor The Ancient’s Rebirth and Drudensang (bonus track).

1. Angelscourge – Seraph Impaler / order a CD edition via [email protected]
2. Apocalyptic Fire – Abyss / contact [email protected] to ask if it is available
3. Audn – Audn /  order a cassette edition via [email protected] 
4. Cien – Ecce Homo
5. Cruda Sorte – Tollwutkult / contact  [email protected] to ask if it is available
6. Deluge – AEther
7. Dimholt – Liberation Funeral / contact [email protected] to ask if it is available
8. Hallig – 13 Keys to Lunacy
9. Hegeroth – Three Emperor’s Triangle / order a CD edition via [email protected]
10. Human Serpent – Inhumane Minimalism / order a CD edition via [email protected]
11. Is – Songs from the Northernlands / order a cassette edition via [email protected]
12. Kaeck – Stormkult
13. Kafirun – Glorification of Holy Death
14. Lashblood – Plasticine People / contact [email protected] to ask if it is available
15. Lord of Pagathorn – Nekros Philia / order a CD edition via [email protected]
16. Moonreich – Pillars of Detest
17. Murder – King of Tyranny
18. Poenari – Wrath, War, Lucifer / contact Poenari to ask if it is available
19. Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – Exile
20. Skialykon – Vestigio
21. Stryvigor – Героям / order a cassette edition via [email protected] 
22. The Ancient’s Rebirth – Damnated Hell’s Arrival / contact The Ancient’s Rebirth to ask if it is available
23. Drudensang – Prinzipien der Grausamkeit / Tape format

Copyright disclaimer: Images as well as musical content in this sampler solely belong to the respected artists. Each band has granted their approval to have their songs included and be available for free download.