I am very proud to announce that the first SBM t-shirt design is officially available for purchasing on our online store. You can customize the size according to your measurements (if in doubt, there is a size chart) as well as choose your color of preference. Now let me elaborate what this design is about and its core idea.

Update: US customers can order directly via spreadshirt.com.
Men’s t-shirt
Women’s t-shirt


The idea behind the design is obvious – black fucking metal. I started out with a clear idea of having no reversed crosses, goats, pentagrams or other way too typical marks for this style. The point was to make something morbid yet slightly different from what could be found elsewhere. Something that suggests pure darkness.. An interesting fact for you guys could be that I had been inspired by the famous song “My Stigmas Bleeding Black” by Behexen before I started out the rendering process. This resulted in the final outcome looking as if this dude is bleeding black blood. 


Core idea

It’s all about support. The generated profit from the t-shirts will be invested in SBM. An example of an investment could be giveaways of different stuff, improving the website and much more. Simply put support black metal.