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SBM presents a sampler of 20 bands and 20 songs for free download plus bonus

After a long while, the time has come to announce solemnly the first SBM sampler. You can download it right below and enjoy over 20 HQ songs by various artists. May the feast begin now!

Buy albums:

1. BlackShore – Legion or send an e-mail to:
2. Blodsgard – Monument
3.  Ceremonial Castings –  Salem 1692  [digital format]
4. Djevel –  Besatt av Maane og Natt
5. Enshadowed – Magic Chaos Psychedelia
6. Human Serpent – The Gradual Immersion in Nihilism
7. Kirkebrann – Når Alt Dør or send an e-mail to:
8. Lugnasad – Smell of a Grey Sore
9. Mourning Soul – Promo 2008 [digital format]
10. Nazghor – Upon The Darkest Season
11. Norse – All is Mist and Fog [digital format]
12. Profundis Tenebrarum – Apocalypchrist or send an e-mail to:
13. Sado Sathanas – Nomos Hamartia
14. Sammath – Godless Arrogance
15. Sarkrista – The Acheronian Worship
16. Thorngoth – Schwarz-Karg-Kalt
17. Walpurgisnacht – Vergheldinghens Crachte
18. Wolves Den – Untitled [free digital download]
19. Wrong – Memories of Sorrow

Note: Ablepsia’s demo is not available for purchasing anywhere. The band has been split-up since 2006.
Loits participate with a cover song of J.M.K.E., which is not available for purchasing.

Copyright disclaimer: Images as well as musical content in this sampler solely belong to the respected artists. Each band has granted their approval to have their songs included and be available for free download.

Special regards to all artists for their participation, a big thank you to Nekrist for helping in the organizational process and last but definitely not the least – thanks to all SBM followers for your patience and support. Enjoy!

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  1. Very nice! Thanks for posting this!

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