After over a week of major changes all related to my relocation, I am finally able to get back a little more active than before. In spite of all the things I need to deal with right now, I am gonna publish contents as much as possible and keep the flame burning as always! I also decided to use this moment to share some of the upcoming stuff on SBM zine. Currently, I am expecting 3 interviews, 1 of which is featuring a renowned records label owner who is actively supporting underground black & death metal bands. The rest two are dedicated to two bands who I have been trying to get in touch with for a long time and I am very excited to share their answers and knowledge with you hopefully very, very soon. Apart from that, I have got an opportunity to inquire another 2 totally badass bands whose craft is on one side experimental yet crushing and on the other; one of my personal melodic black metal favorites of 2014 originating from the cold and distant shores of Finland.

Putting the interviews aside, I’ve also got very exciting albums on my desk to recommend ranging from some oddly mixed black/punk blends to oldschool black/death metal ripping “the sound of silence” to pieces and unleashing the black flames upon the soil.

Finally, as you may have already noticed, instead of making this article like boring blocks of text, I have included three bands from Apocalyptic Art’s Youtube channel who are definetely worth checking out. Make sure to explore more of their stuff. Stay tuned for more news!