Mighty one-man act Deathrow has come forth with a new EP that will teach you a good lesson in underground black metal. “Like a Lion Devouring the Sun” is an awesome correlation between oldschool and the 2nd wave done the Thorns‘ way, so to speak. The EP is limited to 250 7″ LP hand-numbered copies released by New Era Productions. When it comes to Deathrow, I always come at a loss for words, so better check out “The Bottomless Pit of Anger” and make your first impression.

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Another interesting projected that I discovered thanks to Thorns is titled Blood Moon. The band has kept it short and draws the attention to their upcoming debut release only. No lineup announced, cover artwork or tracklist. For the time being, it is clear that Blood Moon will dedicate “Through The Scarlet Veil” to the Luciferian principles. There is already a glimpse of what’s coming on 28th September. Do check it out.

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