Open up your heart and soul and get prepared for today’s huge dose of dark amusement. Sado Sathanas proudly present their newest album “Homos Hamartia”, which I will dissect for you in a short. But first lets get a little familiar with the band, shall we?

Sado Sathanas originate from Germany and has spread the art of  gloom since 1996. With every release becoming more noteworthy, marking tremendous progress in their work. For the time being they have two full-lengths and one of them is due to be out – “Nomos Hamartia.”  The lineup is formed by six preachers of the dark – Omoziakk /lead vocals, Lord Skull / backing vocals & guitars, Lord Sador / battering, Martin Himstedt / guitars, Demonizer / keyboards, Robert Brockmann / bass (also known for being the owner of Naturmacht Productions).

Sado Sathanas was founded in 1996 in Dresden. They play typical German black metal with an atmospheric approach. To date Sado Sathanas has released two demos, a split, a compilation and a full length album “Opus Diaboli” which was released in 2010 by Black Blood Records. The follower shall see its light at 25th February 2014 via Naturmacht Productions.

On 25th of February the second full-length “Nomos Hamartia” will be available for purchasing. The end of wait is pretty near and now I’m gonna convince you that it’s been worth every day. Traditionally I like to start out by examining the cover artwork first. It’s based on a painting from the famous book “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri,  where you can see on the front Lucifer who is illustrated with three mouths. Each of them swallows Judas, Cassius and Brutus. The whole idea around this artwork is the seven deadly sins. Pretty well executed, descriptive enough and rounding out the album entirely.1555325_10151798154801150_1840039263_n

The record has a total of 41 minutes – 6 tracks  and I undoubtedly confirm that it felt much lesser. Why? Well, because it’s so good and infectious that time was no more a factor while listening.

The main topic of the lyrics is the relation and the interchanges between of rules and freedom, the law (order) and the spirit (chaos). The lyrics in combination with the music creates a mixture of invocation and meditation.

– Naturmacht Productions

What outlines “Nomos Hamartia” is being spiritual but not in a religious sense. More like breaking the chains of limitations of any kind, letting your soul free. This is very well defined by the atmospheric approach through the subtle sound of keyboards, delivered by Demonizer, the accoustic guitar passages and the mid-tempo. Omoziakk‘s vocals fit the bill perfectly. Both fierce and relaxing.

If you had asked me to name my favorite tracks of this album, I would have remained with no answer. Simply because there is none. I liked them all equally for a reason. They are meaningful, filled with blissful chaos that puts you into a state of out-of-body experience, beyond reason or any explanation. I do advise you to give the self titled song a try for better understanding.

“Nomos Hamartia” is a valuable album, consisting of classy visual and musical content. An output of hard work. For those who’re maniacal about sound quality, I have to emphasize that it’s as clear as a mountain stream. Recommended for atmospheric black metal fans. Special regards to Naturmacht Productions for sharing the record with SBM. Order the album HERE and follow Sado Sathanas on Facebook.

Sado Sathanas – Nomos Hamartia
Naturmacht Productions, release: 25.02.2014
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1. Nomos Hamartia
2. Martyrium
3. Ante Bellum
4. Invertum
5. P.A.N. Demonia
6. Codex Diaboli

Total running time: 41:00 min