What could explain the fact that this is my second post in a single day? Given that I sometimes disappear from the face of Earth for a long time, this must indicate something important, doesn’t it? Well, that is the case for I just got the news that 2 bands that I enjoy a great deal joined forces for a new release. Namely, Rimruna and Thanatomania; the latter which you might remember from one of my From the depths episodes.

For the greater good of yourself, I’m gonna be as concise as possible by giving you the most important ingredient in this post being the preview. Schattenkult Produktionen have put up a mash including a sneak peek from both of the tracks included in the split titled “Nexus“. Aside from my obvious bias pointing directly to my enormous support for this project, all I can say is the following:

Nexus” features an excellent yet non-redefining black metal performance ideal for the traditionalist. It encompasses everything that I need from this genre, which I could break down to awesome song writing and execution.

You can order a copy (vinyl limited to 300 copies) via Bandcamp or by dropping an email to [email protected]. The official release date / shipping is set for 19th August. Furthermore, it will be available on the events Under the Black Sun (27th – 29th June) as well as Chaos Descends (18th – 20th July).

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