Alright folks, here is a very interesting and vitally important interview, which I had with I. Luciferia of Reverence. A band whose sound is extremely tough to define as it goes beyond any limitations resulting into a twisted experimental form of black metal. Without further due, here we go:

It’s been over 5 years since “The Asthenic Ascension” saw the light of day. How are the things going in the Reverence camp?

Things have grown rather quiet since our last album, there were some problems with our line-up which didn’t help us to go on. In 2012 our live guitarist has re-founded his own band (Seth) and our bassist left Reverence to Seth. Also, we had problems with the label, Candlelight. It paid the studio recording but didn’t work on the promotion at all, their business vision will always be a mystery. So we left it.

In the same period I left Osculum Infame and Arkhon Infaustus because I had joint pain in my hands, so i couldn’t play anymore the guitar for a long time. Since then, things have grown well and I can play again but it was a very bad period.

After that, we only played two live-shows in 2015 with the  help of the first line-up live of Ende. I didn’t know yet that these gigs would be the last for Reverence.  As far as I can remember, Reverence has always been a cursed band, and  I’ve accepted it now. There would be so much to say about the band and its story.

From these years, V.R and I have formed new bands (Fall of Seraphs & Ende). Our new projects took much time then and it is difficult to come-back to our old ghosts. Things are very different now.

Reverence interview / support black metal
I assume you’ve probably started working on new material already. Could you unveil for us some clues about it concerning its progress, possibly the concept it will revolve around etc.?

Despite of these troubles, we have managed to compose new material. The problem is, we must find the time to start the recording and as you could imagine, Reverence has never been the easiest band for recording. Its music is very complex and requires  a very particular approach to make it work. We used to work in a studio but I suppose we’ll record this next act by ourselves.  Also, this opus will be the last breath of Reverence.

New tracks are much slower than our latest albums. These new songs have something from the “Chamber of Divine Elaboration” era but darker.  I’m really proud of each of our albums and I guess the next act will be the most special deliverance from us. Of course, it will be the perfect album to stop Reverence’s career.

As time goes by things evolve and so I believe does Reverence. What changed in regards to the band and yourselves as musicians?

More than twenty years ago, i discovered BM music by the French and Scandinavian scene, so I played that kind of music. Through the years I started to play differently, I had lots of ideas that I put to the test. The Reverence sound was born this way. You can hear the evolution in each opus, the music is more and more experimental and progressive. Essentially, we were among the first to play this kind of BM.

Times changed and our desires as well. I’ve gone back to something more old school,  pure and authentic. And I’m tired by modern music evolution, too synthetic, triggered, numeric. I can’t manage to feel something honest in the “Computer Metal bands”.

Speaking of performing live, how do you envision the future of the band? You are welcome to share about the current situation as well as past experiences / challenges that you had had when you were doing gigs.

Well, is very difficult for a band as Reverence to play live. The first reason is that we’re only two members now and live far from each other. The second would be to find a complete line-up and to take the time to teach the songs to any members, which isn’t compatible with my activities and my live choices. The third difficulty is the complexity of our music, this would take us too much work and time for a poor result because possibilities to play live for a band as Reverence are too rare and would require special preparations and stage. Too much of work for not much of results.

You now know the future of Reverence is to be able to record the last act and then kill that creature that has taken most of my life.

As a last one, could you share what you are currently listening to, as well as inspire your creative workflow?

I listen to a lot of music, so, my listening time goes to Bathory, Megatomb, Father Befouled, Accept, W.A.S.P, King Diamond, Mayhem (Live with Dead), Moevot, Horns of Domination, Massacre, Viogression, Mutiilation, Ofermod (The last one is very powerful), Black Murder, Darkthone, Angelcorpse, Bastard Priest… these kinds of bands.

Well, folks, this is it in terms of interviews for 2017. I will give my best to bring you more of these in the new year for it’s not just the music itself that inspires this whole thing to be up and running. It’s the mindset behind it. The ideas, philosophy and attitude that are all encapsulated in this massive genre known as black metal. Before I end this post, feel free to give a follow to Reverence on Facebook as well as go through their latest opus “The Asthenic Ascension“. It does pack a punch, I tell you that!