Regnvm Animale are a duo that breaks away from the common association that most people relate to when it comes to Swedish extreme metal. In the new episode of album recommendations, I introduce an album that requires the listener to be more open-minded than ever because it is not as extreme and grim sounding as most of the albums that I have published around here. It’s different, it’s fresh and…

If am to categorize Regnvm Animale’s debut album “Et sic in infinitum”, I would remain in silence for a couple of minutes because of two main reasons. These guys do not abide to predefined rules and in fact, they prefer to make up their own. This is perfectly portrayed in their approach to extreme metal as they successfully mash up components from black metal, crust and even punk, which is why their debut full-length excels. Now, I need to point out that it’s not as dark as one could expect considering that SBM is all about that but it still pays homage to black metal with a little usage of high-pitched vocals and darkened vibe, which typically dominates in big proportions speaking of bm releases.

The second reason is related to how unpredictable “Et sic in infinitum” is. Although, it may be a little hard to embrace in the beginning, with every following listening, you will spot more and more things that will make you play the album over and over again. Just when you expect the least, from a beautifully and relatively low-paced tempo accompanied by nicely written guitar melodies, it gets more intense and bleak as if a painting of urban decay comes to live and the grey consumes the listener and turn him into an indifferent entity. 

Understanding the lyrics could be a challenging task for non-Swedish listeners, though they are published on metal-archives and you can freely have a read and translate as much as you can. What I managed to embrace is basically that Regnvm Animale deal with topics about the world being an alienated place where society is just another word for a malfunctioning unit bearing fading forms of life and useless standards. 

“Et sic in infinitum” is an emotional album and if you give it a chance, it will move you and even provoke some deep thoughts on where the world is going nowadays. It is essencial to spend enough time to dive into the message that is embed into the core of the album. It has a lot more to say than just being another experimental try. 

A consistent, nicely produced and fresh is probably how I should describe ” “Et sic in infinitum.” It opens yet another door to more versatility in extreme metal and I strongly advise you to seize this opportunity and enjoy plenty of exciting things  that await behind it. 

Note“Et sic in infinitum” is available for free download via the Bandcamp player below.

Regnvm Animale – Et sic in infinitum
Independet, release: 11.10.2015
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1. Maya
2. Ars moriendi
3. Från bördig jord till salthed
4. Osäkerhetsprincipen
5. Förfallet
6. Och så vidare i evighet
7. Kassandrarop
8. Inåt
9. Grund

Total running time: 38:10