Some of you might probably remember that I used to manage a Youtube account where I obviously promoted the bands that I like. Simple as that! The sole purpose of it was to create yet another channel to fuel more attention towards worthy underground bands and their respective labels. Slowly but surely, the channel was steadily growing and the overall response to the contents was more than positive. Until that dark day came and my ambition was literally eviscerated by a bunch of fucking corporate bastards!

…some people will always find a reason to get offended

The whole thing that led me to write this post is, of course, related to copyrights. You see, we are living in an age where if you happen to fart outside, somebody could file a copyright infringement for you abused their territory. It’s like society broke up so damn much that instead of bridging gaps, people are looking for more and more reasons to get offended. Which in turn expands into a conflict and much time and energy are completely wasted for the mere lack of understanding and communication. 

So, in the case of SBM, I did receive a few copyright claims, which is as normal as breathing when it comes to dealing with Youtube. However, one of these stuck out above the rest, which leads me to SBM’s 3rd volume sampler. Yeah, that’s right! The one that took months of work and organization with bands and labels in order to compile the whole thing. The one that is available for free download having been granted approval by every single contributing party! No fucking exceptions! Taking this in mind as well as the official statement that openly clarifies it. Or the fact that I encourage visitors to support the partaking artists by purchasing their albums. All of the sampler’s effort is to help both musicians and fans discover each other! For there is so much amazing art that is buried beneath a thick mass of commercial pile of shit that is worth nothing but banishing into oblivion. 

Still, somehow, somewhere out of the shadows, companies like CD Baby and Ingrooves Music Group come up and with them, a rain of copyright claims follows. For what? For a preview with excerpts of 3 songs that are part of the sampler, which again, let me remind you, has been agreed upon by every contributor! In a nutshell, I did not take a single dime out of this nor any other video on my Youtube! That’s because the one that is supposed to earn it, is the creators of the music themselves and my way to direct that income is by urging the visitors to buy their work. 

Essentially, where do agreements go? Where do mutual respect stand? One just never knows when a 3rd party company like CD Baby would show up and pretend for rights. After which, a report emerges with no adequate explanation whatsoever. As if the act of communication is no more. 

Anyway, this might not seem as a big issue in your eyes. But again, it bothers me that some greedy institutions as the above mentioned interfere for money! For the fact that they want the cash to go directly in their pocket instead of the artists themselves. That’s why as of October 2016, I stopped uploading music on my Youtube channel. I neither have the time, nor desire to deal with so-called “trolls”. In this sense,  It is my way to say fuck you, corporate leeches! End of story.